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We know there are millions of children suffering from learning disabilities, some only slightly and some so badly they face school and life failure. All develop significant emotional strain.

The term learning disabilities is used to explain a childs problem in fully understanding the language, be it written or oral. Thus it covers such concerns as any difficulty in thinking, listening, speaking, reading, etc.

Signposts to Check

  • Whatever the level of intelligence of the child is there some degree of difficulty in reading
  • Was the child late in learning to talk
  • Does the child have problems in recognizing left or right
  • Is hyper-activity present in the child's behavior
  • Is there inconsistency in learning, sometimes poor, sometimes good
  • Does the child demonstrate stubborn behavior and lack of willingness to modify or adapt
  • Does the child demonstrate poor coordination physically
  • Inability to concentrate for a long time
  • Is the child's handwriting poor and his pictures poorly drawn
  • If many of these items listed among the signposts are recognized, it would be wise to have a child psychologist assess and treat the problem

© 2005 Dr. Gina Harris